Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit
Presentation of the mobile water purification unit E.D.W.B.U !

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E.D.W.B.U Emergency Unit
E.D.W.B.U Characteristics
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Humanitarian Missions
Operating principles of the mobile water potabilization station E.D.W.B.U

The E.D.W.B.U is a mobile water potabilization unit designed for emergency situations.

It consists of two metal trunks. In the first one you find the potable water production unit and in the second one, the intervention kit (composed of a mobile drinking water distribution ramp, a flexible tank for drinking water storage, etc) to run the machine.

Compact and autonomous equipment, it can be easily transported to any place of intervention and settled near the water source (rivier, lake, well, pond etc) to be treated.

Its operation is based on various techniques of water treatment : filtration on cartridges ; chlorination for desinfection ; dechlorination on actived carbon

The E.D.W.B.U represents a complete solution for 1st aid interventions ; permitting pumping, treatment and distribution of water.
The E.D.W.B.U allows to supply quality drinking water almost immediately .
Application fields of the drinking water production unit E.D.W.B.U.
The E.D.W.B.U is able to supply potable water, almost immediately, in remote sites or areas in emergency situations.
Humanitarian Emergency
The E.D.W.B.U is designed to operate in emergency phase of a humanitarian catastrophe and restore acces to safe drinking water for disaster victims as quickly as possible.

The E.D.W.B.U allows non-governemental organisations (N.G.Os)

to provide drinking water since the first moment of a disaster, to affected populations

and avoid the spread of epidemics due to lack of water (cholera, diarrhea, dysentry, typhoid fever etc).



Base camps / Remote villages / Distant dockyards
The mobile water purification unit E.D.W.B.U is also used on a temporary base, in situations where it's impossible to get supplies of drinking water (camps, base camps, remote areas, accomodation areas, refugees camps etc).
* Medical team in mission, Field hospitals
* Military maneuvers, Refugee Camps


* Small isolated rural communities where water supply is partially or totally damaged
* Major dockyards implement far from towns or villages and therefor of source of drinking water


Drinking water distribution ramp / Water purification Unit / Flexible tank (for potable water storage)