EDWBU mobile unit for water potabilization



Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit


The E.D.W.B.U Water Treatment Plant is designed to respond to the very early stages of an emergency and to restore access to drinking water to the populations concerned as soon as possible.

It prevents the spread of epidemics due to the shortage of drinking water (cholera, diarrhea, dysentria, typhoid fever etc).

The E.D.W.B.U consists of 2 metal trunks.

In the first is the drinking water production plant and in the second, the intervention kit (mobile drinking water distribution ramp, flexible drinking water storage tank, etc.) to operate the device.


water potabilization unit

Water Purification Unit

water distribution ramp

Water distribution ramp

flexible tank for drinking water supply

 Flexible tank (drinking water storage)


Compact and autonomous, the E.D.W.B.U is tractable and heliportable on all types of fields.

Considered as baggage and not as a burden due to its low weight (less than 50 kilos per trunk), the E.D.W.B.U is quickly routed by air to the scene of disasters. And we know how essential it is to be able to supply drinking water to the populations affected from the first hours of an emergency to limit the number of victims.

The E.D.W.B.U is operational within the shortest time. It is possible to start the distribution of the produced drinking water, about 2 hours after its installation and operation.