EDWBU mobile unit for water potabilization



Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit

Life Bases, Villages, Worksites...


station potabilisation eau DISEP - alimentation eau potable village  


The E.D.W.B.U water stabilization is also intended to supply on a temporary basis,

remote villages, isolated sites, bases of life, field hospitals,

refugee camps, military operations etc...


Whatever the palces or circimstances, the E.D.W.B.U water stabilization station allows

to supply drinking water to populations in need of water

up to 40 m3 per day (operation with two soft tanks of de 1000 liters).



edwbu mobile unit for water potabilisation Station mobile de potabiliedwbu mobile station for drinking water


The E.D.W.B.U can be used in all circumstantials

where supply of drinking water is difficult ; such as :

* Major projects carried out far from drinking water source etc...

* Medical teams on mission,

* Military manoeuvres,

* Major projects carried out far from drinking source etc...