EDWBU mobile unit for water potabilization



Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit

E.D.W.B.U technical and use data!


Données d'utilisation sur le terrain

Distribution eau potable Philippines - DISEP

Flow from 20 to 40 m3 / Day

(depending on the use of 1 000 or 2 000 liters flexible tank)

for the supply of drinking water.

to 2 000 to 4 000 persons / Day

at a rate of 10 liters per persons (O.M.S standards).


Exists in two versions


"E.D.W.B.U-Electric model "

Station potabilisation eau DISEP - modele Electrique

"E.D.W.B.U-Gasoline model"

Station potabilisation eau DISEP - modele essence

Works thanks to the emergy provided by a transportable generator set, traditionnal equipment of professional rescue teams that our company can provide in option.

Works thanks to a 4-stroke petrol engine


Composition of the E.D.W.B.U

The E.D.W.B.U mobile water treatment station consists of two metal canteens. You find on the first trunk the water drinking unit and in the second the intervention kit (water storage tank, mobile water distribution ramp etc) to operate the device.


* 2 Metal Canteens *

Station mobile potabilisation d'eau DISEP

Sizes. 110 x 59 x 43 cm

Trunk 1 : Drinking water treatment Unit

Dispositif Integre Secours Eau Potable -  Unite 1


Trunk 2 : Intervention Kit

Dispositif Integre Secours Eau Potable -  Unite 2

Spare Cartidges

Flexible water storage tank

Replacement filter

Calcium hypochlorite

Mobile water distribution ramp

Dispensing tap

Mission water test kit

Strainer pipe and connecting pipes etc


Flexible Tank

Citerne souple stockage eau potable DISEP

Completely foldable.


Volume en m3

Dimension en m

Poids en Kg


2,45 x 1,48



1,80 x 2,96





Consult us. Capacity up to 400 m3.

Drinking water distribution ramp

Distribution of drinking water by a mobile ramp

"5 water pulling points"


Rampe mobile distribution Eau Potable DISEP