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Emergency Drinking Water Built-In Unit

Philippines 2013 - Typhon Haiyan








Relief and Water Supply Mission to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devastated

the centre of the archipelago, including the town of Tacloban.

* Implementation of the E.D.W.B.U drinking water production unit on Samar island,

Quinapondan city where population had not seen yet any help (DASUD 62).

* Installation of the E.D.W.B.U water purification station in Daanbantayan

located at the extreme north of Cebu City (White Cross 1st aids association).




November 16th, 2013 : France 3 Television News

Depart for the Philippines of the White Crosse Rescuers



December 13th, 2013 : France 3 Television News

Coming back from the Philippines of the White Cross Rescuers s





Articles de Presse


12 November 2013



13 November 2013


17 November 2013


27 November 2013

Rapport de Mission

Mission Report Philippines - November 2013



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